Guy Stewart

Guy Stewart is a husband, son, dad, dad-in-law, grandpa, foster dad, teacher, counselor and writer -- not always in that order. He's a member of both SCBWI and the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America. His work has appeared in CRICKET, CICADA, ANALOG, PERIHELION SCIENCE FICTION, THE WRITER, TURTLE, HOPSCOTCH FOR GIRLS, and been podcast twice on CAST OF WONDERS as well as placing stories in the several anthologies. His first book, SIMPLE SCIENCE SERMONS FOR BIG AND LITTLE KIDS is still available (even after fifteen years). Two YA novels, HEIRS OF THE SHATTERED SPHERES and VICTORY OF FISTS were sold by Karen to MuseItUp Publishing. HEIRS is and unadulterated space adventure with aliens and was released at the end of August, fluttering between second and twentieth in HOT NEW RELEASES on Amazon...VICTORY is scheduled for release in the Fall 2015 and might be characterized by imagining what FIGHT CLUB meets CRANK might be like...8/20/15



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