Rosie McCormick

Rosie McCormick has worked in children’s publishing for over twenty-five years. Born and raised in the UK, Rosie began her publishing career in the early 1980s in New York. While studying for a Masters Degree in Comparative Literature at Columbia University, she began working for Oxford University Press.

A year later, Rosie responded to a somewhat vague job advertisement in the New York Times only to discover that the company advertising was none other than Marvel Comics. Rosie’s first ever publication (in 1987) was issue No. 12 of the comic book Psi-Force, entitled ‘The Candy Man’.

After Marvel, Rosie became an in-house writer at Scholastic, working in their elementary classroom magazines department. In 1991, Rosie returned to the UK to take up a position as a Senior Editor at DK. Rosie finally left the world of corporate publishing to become a freelance writer and editor.

Rosie has published more than thirty children’s books and has just completed twelve new fiction and non-fiction titles for a forthcoming groundbreaking language arts program.



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