Nancy Churnin

When Nancy Churnin grew up in the Bronx, she loved taking the express bus to Manhattan with her cousin, Billy, to see Broadway shows, and writing stories. Nancy is still going to shows as the theater critic of the Dallas Morning News. And she is still writing stories. Sure, she’s done a lot in between – graduated with honors from Harvard, earned a masters from Columbia University, traveled the world, wrote for T.V. and even appeared briefly on screen, joining WGA and SAG. But after becoming a mom and covering kids for the DMN and her Dallas Moms Blog, her passion for writing stories for young readers has taken fresh urgency. Sometimes she likes to get kids laughing, because what’s better than laughing? But she also wants to get them thinking about the power of dreams. She believes stories can change the world by encouraging kids to believe in themselves and their ability to improve the lives of others. With that in mind, she writes stories that give voice to the voiceless and forgotten heroes and heroines of history and today. You can follow Nancy on Twitter @nchurnin, on and the D-FW Theater group on Facebook.




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