Nathalie Le Du

Nathalie Le Du is a writer, editor, and education advocate. Her mission is to create unique books that educate, engage, and light up the lives of children. She has four principles that guide her work: captivating ideas, cutting-edge pedagogy, visual artistry, and most importantly, play power.

As a writer, Nathalie creates activity books and picture books that encourage children’s innate curiosity in the world. As an editor, she specializes in educational workbooks that kids write in, cut up, draw on, generally destroy, and ultimately learn from. Nathalie has directed such brands as Kumon Workbooks, Brain Quest Workbooks, Star Wars Workbooks, and the Big Fat Notebook series. She received her bachelor's in English literature from Boston University and her master's in literary cultures from New York University, with stints at the University of Sydney, Australia, and the University of Cape Town, South Africa.

When Nathalie is not creating books, she is collecting passport stamps, learning Dutch to please her in-laws, and learning guitar to keep up with her brother. In a former life, she fronted a rock band and completed the New York City marathon to raise funds for Team for Kids. Nathalie is a first and second-generation American, and a proud product of public schools. She was born in New York City, which where she continues to live now.



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